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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 02-004


Aureen Richardson fonds. -- 1811-2000. -- 3.5 m of textual records and other materials.

Biography / History

Aureen Richardson was born on August 15, 1931 and lived in Warkworth, Ontario. She married Raymond Richardson and had two sons, Raymond and Richard. She was a school teacher for 36 years, and, for 50 years, beginning in 1949, was a volunteer newspaper reporter for local newspapers on a variety of topics, including coverage of the community, churches, the disabled, local history, seniors' events, and travel. She was responsible for creating local and government interest in the erection of plaques dedicated to J.D. Kelly, St. James Anglican Church (Roseneath, Ontario), Alderville First Nation Reserve, John Weir Foote, Warkworth Cheese Country, and the Richardson archaeological site. Richardson also wrote three books, "Weaving on the family loom: an anthology of Northumberland County families", "Historic visions of J.D. Kelly", and "Warkworth Cheese Country". From 1980 to 1986, she presented a regular four-minute "News of Northumberland" radio segment on CJBQ in Belleville, Ontario. Richardson inherited a rare neurological disease, familial spastic paraplegia, and was an advocate for the disabled throughout her life. She was a leader in Campbellford's "More Able Than Disabled" Club, was a member of the Quinte Writers' Guild and the Ontario Historical Society, and was a regular Elderhostel participant. Aureen Richardson received her BA from Trent University in 1974. She died on February 6, 2015.

Custodial History

This fonds was created by and in the custody of Aureen Richardson before it was donated to Trent University Archives via Aureen Richardson's son, Ray Richardson.

Scope and Content

Fonds consists of photographs, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings related to Aureen Richardson and her family, and to her genealogical research and historical research on events and people in the United Counties of Northumberland and Durham and Hastings County.


Title based on the creator of the fonds.
Includes ca. 1500 photographs, ca. 30 negatives, 3 slides, and 2 computer disks.
Some documents have been subjected to mold. Please handle all documents with care.
Fonds acquired in 2002 from Ray Richardson.
Restrictions: N
The papers were entirely unorganised when acquired. They have been arranged by the archivist in subject and/or chronological order.


Box 1

1. Correspondence 1909, 1915, 1943-1966
2. Correspondence 1970s
3. Correspondence 1980-1986
4. Correspondence 1987-1989
5. Correspondence 1990-1992
6. Correspondence 1993-1995
7. Correspondence 1996-1997
8. Correspondence 1998-2000
9. Correspondence undated
10. Greeting cards
11. Greeting cards

Box 2

1. Aureen Richardson: biography
2. Richardson family: Aureen and Raymond Richardson's 25th, 40th, and 50th wedding anniversaries
3. Richardson family: Christmas form letters, 1965-1991, 1997
4. Richardson family: Rick (Aureen's son): letters, cards, etc.
5. Richardson family: Ray (Aureen's son): letters, cards, etc.
6. Richardson family: awards, certificates, diplomas
7. Richardson family: Raymond's 80th birthday
8. Richardson family: miscellaneous
9. Richardson extended family:
- diaries: Verda White, 1918, 1919
- "Golden Wedding Anniversary Guests" book dated 1912-1962, Dartford, Ontario
- postcard with transcription written by Frank Brown, n.d.
- probate document relating to Arthur T. Richardson, 1960
- document related to 40th anniversary of William James Richardson and Aureen Isobel Richardson
- Thomas Richardson chair plaque (grandfather of Raymond)
- family postcards 1908-1923
- correspondence to Aureen Richardson re "Aunt Helen's estate", n.d.
- Roswell Comstock/John Richardson deed, 1811 (original & photocopy)
- David J. Richardson 1915 Horsemanship certificate (located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 40)
10: "Common Prayer" book, 1865: "To Mrs. A. White from the Revd. W. [Masory] 12th July, 1874"
"Common Prayer" book, n.d.: "John White gave this book to Verda White... July 1912 not long before his death"
Loose in box: sports medals

Box 3

1. Aureen Richardson: writings
2. ibid.
3. ibid.
4. ibid. (includes 2 computer disks)
5. Aureen and Raymond Richardson's "Weaving the family loom: an anthology of Northumberland County": newspaper articles re book launch, etc.
Located on shelf beside Box 3: a copy of "Weaving the family loom" (also a catalogued copy in Trent Collection)
6. Aureen Richardson: travel journals, articles about her travels, Elderhostel trips
7. ibid.
8. ibid.
9. Aureen Richardson: notes
10. ibid.
11. ibid.
12. ibid.
13. Aureen Richardson: diaries
14. Aureen Richardson, correspondence by
15. Aureen Richardson: aphorisms
16. Aureen Richardson: her illness
17. Aureen Richardson: her illness; Campbellford District Rural Transportation Inc., 1990-1999
18: ibid., 1995-1999

Box 4

1: Aureen Richardson: radio reporting for CJBQ, Belleville, 1980-1985
2. Aureen Richardson: teaching
3. Aureen Richardson, articles about
4. Richardson farm archaeological site (includes 3 photographs)  Trent University conducted two excavations - 1969 and 1976.   Includes "The Richardson Site Preliminary Excavations June 1969" by Fred. B. Richardson and "A Preliminary Report on the 1976 Excavations at the Richardson Site (7ND12), BbG1-4" submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Culture and Recreation by Robert J. Pearce, Trent University November 1976. 

Box 5

1. Bray family genealogy
2. Brooking family genealogy
3. Calnan family genealogy
4. Ewing family genealogy
5. Hubbel [Hubble] family genealogy
6. ibid.
Loose in box: Hubbel family genealogy (black binder)
7. Losie family genealogy
8. Richardson family genealogy
9. Skinkle family genealogy
10. Stickle family genealogy
11. White family genealogy (includes original letters to and from Mrs. John White, 1932)
12. Young family genealogy (includes documents related to William Henry Young estate, 1930)
13. Miscellaneous genealogical materials relating to the following families: Kelly, Brenton, Brown, Climo, Osler, Weir, Babcock, Atkinson, Barnums, Marsden, Mason
14. Miscellaneous genealogical materials relating to the following families: Cochrane, Watson, Kintzing, Clark, Campbell, etc.
Loose in box: Miscellaneous genealogical materials (grey binder)

Box 6

1. John David Kelly plaque & book by Aureen Richardson
2. ibid.
3. Richardson memorial plaque
4. St. James Anglican Church, Roseneath plaque
5. Major John Weir Foote plaque, 1970-1991
Loose in box: Major John Weir Foote plaque scrapbook

Box 7

1. Crafts, tatting
2. Church cookbooks
3. Quinte Writers' Guild, 1980-1992
4. Warkworth Improvement Committee, 1980-1983
5. Warkworth Cheese Country plaque & book
6. Music festivals, 1966-1990
7. Schools: S.S. #10 Percy register (1930s) & cash book (1949-1964); S.S. #6 Percy clippings; Norwood
8. Miscellaneous:
- Map of Percy Township: Percy Township Road Directory. 1:50,000, 55cm x 37cm, original, produced by Warkworth Community Service Club, 1992
- Farm Record and Reference Guide, Alberta edition, 1938-9: entries dated 1937-1945; also notes referring to the ending of WW II
- list of wardens of Northumberland and Durham Counties, 1851-1967
- newspaper article of Alnwick Township Honour Rolls, WW I, WW II, and Korean Conflict
- handwritten poems, mostly of a religious nature
- Canadian Pay Book for use on Active Service, Army Book, belonging to W.M. Bailey, 6th Canadian Reserve Battalion, n.d.
- Pay Book, Canadian Expeditionary Force, belonging to W.M. Bailey, 1917
- notebook belonging to Stewart S. Clysdale, Norwood, Ontario: list of wages for various people 1962, lists of food, etc.
- Methodist Church yearly membership cards for Chas. McClary and Mrs. Chas. McClary, 1923
- Alderville War Memorial, near Roseneath, postcard
-Camp Iona: The Presbyterian Church in Canada postcard
- The Crystal Palace, Picton, Ontario postcard

Box 8

Photographs [1800s - 1920]:

Album 1: entire album is of unidentified people, except for one identified male, Samuel McCleary

Album 2: "Miss M. Ewing" on cover; "Mrs. Margaret Richardson, Brighton, Jan. 1918" on inside cover; this album has several identified people: Eunice Ewing Gould; Rosa Stickle; B.F. Ewing, Brighton; Sloan, Sarah & Minie Patterson; Mrs. Isabell Alger; W.E. Bartlett & D. Ewing; R.D. Ewing; [C.]A. Richardson; Mrs. H. Story, Brighton; N. Johnson, Prince Edward, Ont.; Mr. & Mrs. Alen Spiers, Warkworth; James Alger; Fra. Ewing; Frank Kelley; N. Richardson; William Waller, Frankford; Mrs. William Waller; David Ewing; Almira Patterson; E. Bentley, Stouffville; Harry Crawford, Detroit; A. Gould, Brougham, Ont.; Peter Spiers; etc.

Album 3: photographs of unidentified people, especially young couples; a few photos are identified as being near Cobourg, i.e. Cobourg Hospital [1918-1920]

Album 4: photographs of unidentified people; several photographs have horses and carriages, and farm machinery [1918-1920]

Envelope 1:
#1 - #25: unidentified people

Envelope 2:
#26 - #40c unidentified people (note: #40c is a tintype of a woman)

Envelope 3:
#41 - #81 (note: #s 68-70, 78 are photocopies) unidentified people except for the following:
#75: 3 men having a picnic at lake shore
#76: large ornately designed house with horse and carriage and several people situated in front
#77: horse and man
#78: several horses and horse-drawn carts loaded with cargo; also several people, and large building in background
#79 - #80: cows
#81: 2 cats seated on ornate chair

Envelope 4:
#82 - #92: Arthur Richardson (#'s 90-92 are of Arthur in a barbershop)

Loose in box:
#93: Arthur Richardson, 139th Battalion (photograph of several men in uniform)

Envelope 5:
#94: Becky Richardson Ritchie
#95: Carleton Richardson
#96: Mr. & Mrs. D. Richardson, Dartforth, 1905 or 1906
#97: Sadie Richardson
#98: Sarah Jane Richardson
#99: Isabel Richardson Bellring
#100: Isabel Richardson
#101: Isabel Richardson
#102: David Richardson
#103: David, Arthur, Isabel, and Fred [Richardson]; Bertha Wilson; Hattie Rosevear

Loose in box:
#104: Arthur, Fred, David, Becky, Carleton, and Isabel [Richardson]
#105: Richardson family: Rebecca, Carleton, Arthur, David, Isabel, Fred

Envelope 6:
#106: Elwood & Talbert Skinkle
#107: Mr. & Mrs. William Kelly, Sarah Richardson, Grace Potter
#108: Will Kelly family
#109: several people, taken at the Bailey home
#110: ibid.
#111: Truman, Hattie Rosenear, Mary Ewing
#112: Emma [ ], Jane White, Maude Turk, Mary Ann Bray Pillage, Sarah Elliot, James Pillage
#113: Thomas Bray, Betsy Anne Stevens
#114: Liddy Mongronery
#115: Pearl Rutherford McDonall
#116: Mary Ewing, Hattie White
#117: Marvin Bailey
#118: Artie Wilson
#119: Alex Ritchie
#120: Dr. A.M. Ritchie

Envelope 7:
#121: Beatrice Hutchinson
#122: unidentified
#123: unidentified
#124: Carleton & Becky Richardson
#125: unidentified
#126: unidentified
#127: Simmons, son of Susan Young
#128: Frank Brown
#129: Mary & John
#130: 4 sisters just before Jane White's death
#131: Verda Brown & Hazel Skinkle
#132: Mom & Uncle Ray
#133: Ernest & Carrie Brisher Stickle
#134: [Rev. Harry Frost]
#135: Eliza Yonge
#136: Will Stickles
#137: Bruce Hopkins
#138: Elda Thomas
#139: Mr. & Mrs. H. Kinnear
#140: Mrs. Shannon
#141-#142: Mrs. James Frost; grandmother of the late Harry
#143: Vincent Jones Brickley
#144: M.A. Crawford
#145: Clare Cunningham twins

Envelope 8:
#146: William [ ] Pollock
#147: twin sisters of Wilbert Hoar
#148: Miss Bell
#149: Mrs. Dave Simmons' brother
#150: Mr. & Mrs. John White
#151: Clare
#152: [ ], Mary, Jim
#153: Mr. & Mrs. Wm Young, Sarah Richardson, Gertrude Campbell
#154: 1906 Wedding, David Richardson & Sarah Young, with other members of wedding party
#155: Aunt Alice, mother, Aunt Blanche
#156: Ernest Stickle
#157: Eunice Dolittle
#158: Hellen & Jack Ewing
#159: Margaret Ewing Richardson (photocopy)
#160: Margaret Ewing Richardson
#161: B.F. Ewing & family
#162: ibid. (photocopy)
#163: Maggie Blake, Andrew & Mrs. Blake
#164: Sarah Young, Bertha White, Isabel Richardson, Grace McCracken, Gertrude [ ]
#165: Alec Ritchie, Call of Dentists (several men in a group)
Note: #s 166-177 are photocopies)
#166: Mr. & Mrs. Crawford
#167: Thomas Richardson & Margaret Ewing family
#168: Jane Pillage & John White
#169: Betsy Ann Stephens Bray
#170: Thomas Bray
#171: Elizabeth Brenton Brown
#172: William & Catharine White, John & Jane White, Jim Long, Hilton, Verda & Lloyd
#173: Richardson couple
#174: Mrs. John Skinkle II, Catherine White, Alice McBride, Thomas McBride, Viola Clarke
#175: 4 generations of Greenlys
#176: Dr. Nicholas Dennis Richards & Dr. James Nelson Richards
#177: sisters of Dr. N.D. Richards
#178: Jim Young
#179: Mrs. Thomas Bray
#180: Thomas Bray
#181: Ewing family 1906
#182: John Skinkle
#183: Amarella Babcock Skinkle
#184-186: Amarella & John Skinkle

Loose in box:
# 178: Wedding photo 1906: Rev. C.W. Barrett, Ernest Stickles, Isabel Richardson, Clara Ewing
#179: School class photograph [possibly SS#10 Percy Township]; on back is written Miss Margaret Ewing School

Envelope 9:
#180: Anglican picnic, Idlewild
#181: group photo, "Percy Boom", 1908
#182: group photo of men in uniform; caption reads "dinner served by I.O.D.E. to Brighton O.E.CT. of. 139 Bat at home F.A. Philp, Colborne Ont."
#183: Woodvale School class photo, 1905 (photocopy)
#184: Continuation School, Chatsworth, Ont.
#185: Dartford, Ont. (church)
#186: Old Springs (church)
#187: "Kings Plate" postcard; inscription on back reads "Tom Frast won the Breeder's Steak about 1943"

Box 9:
Note: The photograph albums include loosely inserted photographs, clippings, cards, etc., some dated earlier than 1920

Album 1: unidentified people

Album 2: several photographs related to St. James Anglican Church (Roseneath), i.e. interior and exterior shots, and events and people associated with the Church

Album 3: unidentified people and events, several with children, school events, etc.

Album 4: (loose pages from an album) Aureen and Raymond Richardson's wedding photographs; several photographs of groups of people, i.e. children, families, weddings, [First Communion/Confirmation church events], etc.

Album 5: RCAF memorial service, etc.

Album 6: Richardson Site plaque ceremony

Album 7a: travel photographs
Album 7b: travel photographs
Album 7c: church congregation/choir photographs, St. James Anglican Church exterior, etc.

Envelope 1-4,
plus one photograph loose in box:
Richardson family including Aureen, Raymond, their sons, Raymond and Richard, and their grandchildren (the photographs depict weddings, travel, Aureen (as teacher) in a school class photograph 1961, Aureen's Trent University graduation, etc. (ca. 180 photographs))

Envelope 5:
Richardson family home (ca. 20 photographs)

Envelope 6:
Crafts; also photographs of wedding cake, etc.

Envelope 7:
Memorial stones, plaques (misc.)

Envelope 8:
Travel & scenery photographs (includes one photograph of a small boat entitled "Diving for a penny")

Envelope 9:
Horses, pigs, cows photographs

Envelope 10:
#1: Audrey Wentworth
#2: Ken May
#3: White family & Jim Long
#4: Grandma White, John, Mary, Dad, Gene
#5: Ed's boy, Roy
#6: Neta, Mom, Nella, Larry
#7&8: Marjorie admiring her Great Uncle Carleton
#9: Kerri Anne McCleary & Gregory Langford
#10: John & Marg
#11: Mom, Verda Brown, Mary Bellamy
#12: Ralph, Ray, Bill White, etc.
#13: Nancy Haig, Neil Johnston
#14: Faith Atkinson, Leslie Caton, Anthony Cunningham
#15: Timothy Bishop, John Postma, Roger Bulman
#16: Joanne Finlay, Karen Ferguson, Marlene Jones
#17: Everett T., Olive T., Verda B.
#18: Shein & Rob
#19: Matthew
#20: Norma Yeats
#21: Alan, Gary, John, Lois White
#22: Jack & Bernice Ferguson
#23: Mom's wedding
#24: Mom & George Skinkle, Nellie & Charlie Hunter
#25: White family
#26: Mary & John
#27: Uncle Hillon
#28: Mary Bell[ ]
#29: Mary & Claude
#30: Mary, John, Mom, & Gene
#31: Frank Brown, McEachran
#32: Jane White
#33: Ray Mackie wedding
#34: Gene's baptismal
#35: Mom for Halloween
#36: Mom & Dad, previous to marriage
#37: Bishop Buel[ ] & Gordon
#38: Gordon & Elmer Sweet
#39: Helen Atkinson, Howard Atkinson, Betty Atkinson, Robert Atkinson
#40: Graves & Atkinson family
#41: Auril's children, Blair, Misha, Jasmine, Josh
#42: Joyce & Elmer Sweet
#43: Farn family
#44-45: Angela Wagner
#46: Angela Wagner & her Dad
#47: Noreen, Helen, Neil
#48: Percy Campbell
#49: [ ] & Janice Arbuckle
#50: Borden Campbell
#51: Dr. John Young, Prof. Ray March at Trent University convocation 1989
#52: Garnet & Jean Skinkle's family
#53: White cousins
Note: (#54-#61 are photocopies)
#54: Eric McKague
#55: Margaret McKague
#56: Clarence, Eric & Wilfrid McKague
#57: S.A. Wilson at C.N.E. 1917
#58: McKague, Honey, & Wilson family
#59: Bill Bowen, Clarence & Eric McKague
#60: Wilfrid McKague, Bill Bowen, Clarence & Eric McKague
#61: Sarah Young Richardson
#62: Clarke & Mable Sweet, Mom, Aunt Mary
#63: Suzanne Marie & Sara Jeanne
#64: Verda White Brown (photocopy)
#65: Verda White Brown
#66: David Richardson & Ray Eugene (photocopy)
#67: Nelda Beavis, Gene Smith, Verda Brown, Aureen Richardson (photocopy)
#68: Myrna Ellard
#69: James Long
#70-#74: Northumberland Farm Forum, 1954
#75: 50th Anniversary of Roseneath Women's Institute
#76: Claremont 1957 group photo of several people all identified: includes last names of Saracuse, Ashenhurst, Munro, Coulter, Blair, Brown, Whaley, Cunningham, McEvoy, Japp, Archer, Chisolm, Thackeray, Thompson, Hergott, Gay, Moorcroft, Morrow
#77: Warkworth High School 1922 class photograph (photocopy)
#78: Warkworth High School 19[ ] class photograph (photocopy)

Envelope 11-13:
Unidentified people, events, etc. (ca. 175 photographs)

Envelope 14:
Unidentified buildings

Envelope 15:
Miscellaneous negatives, 3 slides

Loose on shelf: High school yearbooks
- East Northumberland Secondary School, 1963-64, 1964-65, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, Silver Anniversary Edition 1955-80
- Campbellford District High School (Trent), 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974
- Centre Hastings Secondary School (Patter), 1970, 1972, 1973
- Belleville Collegiate Institute & Vocational School (Elevator), 1972-73, 1973-74
- Quinte Secondary School (Quintessence), 1976, 1976-77, 1978, Silver Anniversary Edition 1954-1979 (2 different anniversary editions)

Loose on shelf: Scrapbooks
#1-#15 plus a large pile of loose scrapbook pages: the scrapbooks are comprised of original and photocopied materials related to Aureen Richardson, her family, and her historical research; the materials include greeting cards, photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, historical documents, family documents, brochures, pamphlets
A few of the scrapbooks have themes/significant documents: these are listed below:
#4: music festivals
#5: Royal Military College/Raymond's graduation
#6: music festivals
#7: crocheting
#8: numerous pages of photographs related to family holidays, and extended family members; includes a Trent University First Summer Session class photograph 1968
#12: this book is a Brickley Cheese Factory ledger, 1891-1895, that has had some ledger pages pasted over with scrapbook items; two pages are of 1894 minutes of the cheese factory and Jas. Oliver is listed as one of the directors; one entry is for Thomas Richardson
#13: this book is a Ledger with the inscription "J.R. H[ ]" on the front cover; the ledger is dated 1851-1866 and lists hardware/building items in the accounting transactions; the first half of the ledger has been pasted over with scrapbook items
#14: loose scrapbook pages from one scrapbook, placed in a folder
#15: students' letters of request for a plaque to commemorate Dr. Allen Dafoe

Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 40
- David J. Richardson's Beery School of Horsmanship certificate 1915
- Photograph (framed): Cobourg Collegiate Institute, 1947-48