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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 02-003


Robert Bowley fonds. -- 1823-1998. -- 1.5 m of textual records and other materials.

Biography / History

Robert E. Bowley (1922-2001) was born in Hagersville, Ontario and moved to Peterborough in 1963. He married Kathleen Richmond Barclay and was a chemistry teacher, author, and historian. Bowley had an avid interest in stamp collecting and postal history, and was a volunteer postmaster in 1980 at Lang Pioneer Village, Keene. He was also president of the Peterborough Historical Society, and established Rebel Publishing in 1995 in order to publish his version of Mutiny on the Bounty.

Custodial History

This fonds was in the custody of Mrs. Kathleen Bowley before it was donated to Trent University Archives in August 2001.

Scope and Content

Fonds consists of papers, articles, and manuscripts of books written by Robert Bowley. Included is research material, photographs, slides, and negatives relating to the postal history of Smith Township, Peterborough, and the surrounding area. Included also are letters dated 1823-1878 of the Baptie family who were situated in Ida, Ontario, and extensive research material related to Captain Charles Rubidge, Sir Sandford Fleming, the Pengelley/Roche families, S.J. Carver, and local historic sites. This fonds is a tremendous resource for information related to Peterborough and area in general.


Title based on the creator of the fonds.

Includes ca. 1600 slides, ca. 400 photographs, ca. 1200 negatives, ca. 50 stamps, 2 audio videocassettes (VHS), and 1 audio cassette.

This fonds was received from Mrs. Kathleen Bowley.

Restrictions: N

For related records see: 91-1007, 91-1014, and 91-1018.

Outsized material located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 40.

Finding Aid

Box 1

Slides: 66 boxes of slides relating to postal history in Peterborough and the surrounding area. The boxes are numbered 1 through 66. The slides have been maintained in their original boxes, and most boxes are labelled. The labels as they appear are provided in quotations. The slides depict postal cancellations, people, maps, city streets and buildings, documents, signatures, etc. Some of the slides are listed below.

1. "P'bo [Peterborough] 1a"

Peterborough Club 1986 (building)

2. "P'bo 1b"

William Weller 1837

Gravel road, Carver's house, looking towards Peterborough; house on south side, 1844

Original Fleming map 1846

3. "2a"

James Hall, sheriff; R.D. Rogers, postmaster, Ashburnham; et al

[ ] Griffin, Dep'y PMG [deputy postmaster general]

4. "2b"

Queen St., Peterborough 1986

Roger's 1856 building in Ashburnham

Harwood railway causeway 1860

Marianne Mackenzie, museum & mailbags c1860, 1986

5. "P'bo 2c"

Samuel James Carver, postmaster

Henry Cassady Rogers, postmaster

6. "P'bo 2d"

Post office building, Peterborough 1880

Lakefield railway station and locomotive 621, 1882; Lakefield - Ashburnham

7. "2e"

William White, Dep P.M.G. [deputy postmaster general] 1888

John Cork[ery], clerk 1890, postmaster 1919-

8. "P'bo 3a"

Post office, Peterborough 1890-

Chemong Park, Flying Express 1893

Bethune St., Peterborough, railway station in winter

9. P'bo 3b"

Grand Trunk Railway (Midland), Bethune St. station, Peterborough c1895

Chemong Park Stage, 1896

"City of Peterborough" [boat] on Stoney Lake

10. "P'bo 3c"

Peterborough post office c1907

11. "P'bo 3d"

Warsaw to Peterborough stage 1916

12. "4a"

13. "4b" (empty)

14. "4c"

15. "4d"

Claude Mi[ll]ard 1965

16. "Orig. slides Pbo 1840-70"

Fleming's original 1846 map

17. "Pbo retirements 1978-1982"

18. "Pbo city extras"

R.D. Rogers, reeve and postmaster, Ashburnham

Frances Stewart [drawing]

Charlotte and George Streets, Peterborough; aerial view 1919

19. "Open - County A-B" [Ashburnham to Burleigh Falls]

"Esturion" [boat] at Mt Julian

20. "Open - County C-F" [Century Village, Lang to Ennismore]

Sullivan farm: first post office, Douro 1856

various post office locations in Douro

Patrick Geo. Towns, postmaster, Douro

Sullivan's store and post office, Ennismore

21. "County - Open F-K" [Fraserville to Kinmount]

Fraserville store and post office 1912

Haliburton post office 1896

Indian River, Duff store, 1889

Juniper Is. Post office

John Hunter, postmaster Kinmount

Mary Hunter, Kinmount

22. "County Open L-Z" [Lakehurst to Woodview]

Lakehurst store and post office

Willy Shearer - Young, postmaster Lakehurst, c1918

23. "County Closed A-E" [Bensfort to Ewan]

Birdsall Station

Coe Hill 1907 [winter farm scene]

24. "Closed County F-H" [Faraday to Hiawatha]

Robert & Mary Jane McCauley, Haultain

Rice Lake Causeway 1860

25. "Closed County H-L" [Holcomb to Lorenz]

Lang post office and store, 1909

[ ] Dinsdale, Lang

Dawson House, Lorenz

26. "Closed County M-N" [Mathers to Nogies Creek]

[ ] Mather

Choates store and post office, McCrackens Landing

Jack Lyons, R.R. #3 Cavan

27. "County closed N-X + Mt. Pleasant" [South Monaghan to Warkworth]

Hugh Irwin, Rockcroft

Robert Anderson, postmaster Round Lake, 1890-1906

Springville post office sketch 1858

28. "Apsley"

Young's Point Stage c1925

Apsley post office

"Empress" [boat], Apsley [ ]

29. "Bobcaygeon"

"Ogemah" [boat], Bobcaygeon

"Esturion" steamer [boat]

Mossom Boyd, postmaster Bobcaygeon

Post office, Bobcaygeon c1870; [ ] Tripper, postmaster

[ ] Junkin, postmaster 1875-1897, Bobcaygeon

30. "Bridgenorth"

J[ohn] store and post office, Bridgenorth 1897

Dean post office, Bridgenorth c1860

First floating bridge, Chemong Lake, Bridgenorth, opened 24 May 1870

Chemong causeway, ice damage

"Ogemah" [boat] at Chemong Park

31. "Cavan"

Robert Weavers, Cavan, 1820

32. "Chandos Twp"

Post office, Chandos, c1940

33. "N. Douro, Lakefield"

"Stoney Lake" ship, mail carrier

Lakefield post office 1927; built 1914-1918

34. "Hall's Br. Buckhorn" [Hall's Bridge]

Sleigh stage, Lakehurst-Buckhorn-Peterborough

Stage, Lakehurst-Hall's Bridge

"Ogemah" [boat], Hall's Bridge 1907

"Ogemah" [boat], Lovesick Lake

Bert Easson & Buckhorn Stage 1935

"Manita" [boat], Fenelon c1905

35. "Ida Closed"

Helen Agnes Baptie Lough, 1915

William Howe Lough, postmaster Ida, 1915

36. "Keene"

Howson's store and post office, Keene

Keene 1876

37. "Lang - B's Exhibit"

[slides of an exhibit and Robert Bowley]

38. "Millbrook"

W. Vance, postmaster Millbrook

Millbrook Station post office

Byam's post office, Millbrook Station

39. "Norwood"

Norwood post office

[ ] Butterfield, postmaster Norwood

[ ] Foley, postmaster Norwood

J.B. Pearce, postmaster Norwood

Stage House, Norwood

40. "Smith: Chemong-Curve Lake, [Fowler's Corners], Kawartha Park, Selwyn"

Tom Bell, postmaster Selwyn, 1880-1907

"Water Lily" [boat], Stoney Lake

"North Star" [boat], Stoney Lake

Fowler's Corners, 1927

Chemong Lodge, Curve Lake

Daniel E. Whetung, postmaster Curve Lake, 1920-1948

Elsie Knott

41. "Introd. Smith"

Lt. Col. Bouchette, surveyor

42. "Warsaw"

Choate store and post office, Warsaw 1952

43. "Westwood"

Squire Brackenridge c1900

Fife's & Fowlds' store, Westwood

Henry Fowlds

James Fowlds

John Powell

44. "Young's Point"

Kearney's, Young's Point [building]

Patrick Young, Sr., postmaster Young's Point, "Nathaway"

Jenny Kearney fishing

45. "Northern Twps."

46. "Claraday - Sub 7, Cr. [Crawfords] Grove - Sub 15, Set 2"

47. "Byersville, Downer [Downer Corners], McMartinville, Claraday"

48. Cavan store, Fowler's Corners, Ida, Springville, Mount Pleasant, Goodfellow's store, Springville 1858 [sketch]

49. Burleigh, Jack Lake, Woodview

50. Apsley, Mt. Julian

Thompson's ["Naiad"] [boat], Mt. Julian

Hilliard Reid & [democrat] at Cassidy's Restaurant near Burleigh Falls [horse & buggy]

Allan Church & democrat, post office Apsley 1908 [horse & buggy]

Wm. & Mrs. Hales, postmaster Apsley, 1912-1920

Hilliard Reid, International Chain-drive [vehicle]

51. "Sub 3-6" [sub post office]

52. "Subs 8-17"

Graham's Tavern [sketch]

53. Sub post offices

54. Sub post offices

55. Sub post offices

56. Sub post offices

57. "County [ ] maps"

Chewett map 1826

58. "Fleming extra"

Sandford Fleming's office, Toronto 1851

The Birth of Standard time, Rexwoods

59. "2"

Sketch of SS Otonabee [boat]

60. Peterborough

Post office float [parade float] 1927

Morrow Building 1969

Wm. Stewart 1909

Grand Trunk Railway at station, Peterborough, c1910

Peterborough Club corner c1900

North side of Hunter, George & Water Streets, Peterborough c1890

61. [Peterborough post office 1955]

62. Peterborough

Peterborough post office 1906

63. Peterborough, etc.

Richard Birdsall Rogers

Towns Store, Douro

James Zacheus Rogers, Canoe Co.

64. Keene, etc.

Keene c1874

"Stoney Lake" [boat], steamer at Burleigh

Keene Railway Station

Keene 1876

65. Peterborough 1950s

66. "Early Peterborough City & County Postal story"

65 slides depicting postal cancellations, and people, maps, documents, etc. Some of the subjects of the slides are listed below:

Map: Smith-Town 1820

Thomas Alexander Stewart

Auburn cottage 1847

Map 1825: [Bethune] store

Bouchette map 1831 showing 3 post offices: Cavan, Peterborough, Monaghan

Government House c1832

Fleming's Map

Captain Charles Rubidge

Rubidge farm, Otonabee

Railway station, Millbrook

Old post office, Millbrook station

Thomas Choate, postmaster Warsaw 1842

Choate's store and post office, Warsaw

Peter Pearce, warden, postmaster, Havelock; R.D. Rogers, reeve, postmaster, Ashburnham; James Foley, auditor, postmaster, Norwood; et al

Marcus Dean, postmaster 1854-1894; Bridgenorth

John Reid, Smith Township

Box 2

Negatives: 54 rolls of black & white negatives relating to postal history; each roll is numbered and the numbers are as follows: 1-22, 24-26, 32, 35-49, 51-60 (Note: there are two number 58's and two number 60's); also a roll entitled Mt. Pleasant and a folder of loose negatives.

Included in the box is a folder of lists of negatives; these lists largely correspond with the rolls of negatives. The lists are numbered 1-22, 24-27, 30-33, 35-47, 60-61.

Note: Several of the negatives duplicate the photographs and slides in this fonds.

Box 3

Folders 1&2: Covers, stamps, postal cancellations (photocopies, photographs, originals) of the following locations: Peterborough, Hall's Bridge, Buckhorn, Rockcroft, Nogies Creek, Lakehurst, Stewart Hall, Ashburnham, Asphodel, Millbrook, Belleville, Keene, etc.

Folder 3: Photographs

1. Letter carriers, 1951

2. [back room scene inside a post office], 1908 (2 copies)

3. Harry Elliot in front of Elliot's Store, c1900

4. Hilton Palmer, R.R.#1, Peterborough

5. Pat Greer's store & Post Office

6. Jone's "West Beech Boarding House & Store", N. shore, Buckhorn

7. C.P.R. station, Peterborough, c1897

8. Samuel James Carver, headstone at Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough

9. Harry Shearer's Dodge 'Stage' & Bert Easson, Lakehurst via Buckhorn & Lakefield to Peterborough & return, 1935; ["Buckhorn Stage" on side of vehicle]

10. Wm. John Shearer, postmaster, Lakehurst, 1918-1942

11. Mrs. Norma Taws, postmaster, 1980-

12. Joyce McMurtrie, postmaster [Lakehurst], 1972-1978

13. F. Gordon Dolquen & Charles Taws, Lakehurst General Store, 1987

14. General Store, B. Eason, Lakehurst

15. Hilton Palmer retires after 39 years postal carrier, R.R.#1, Lakehurst, April 30, 1986

16. Nogies Creek Post Office sign on door of General Store, c1940

17. Nogies Creek - 1st store in porch of home, c1940

18. Nogies Creek - Wm. Junkin, wife Mabel, and friend, in front of General Store, c1947-1961

19. Quentin Moore, Bobcaygeon to Nogies Creek, c1914 summer [man with horse & buggy]

20. Jean & Jim Beatty, feeding a fawn by the east door of the store, c1920

21. Jean & Jim Beatty on boardwalk, c1910

22. Peterborough-Warsaw stage, 1916; Mrs. V. Moher; inscription on front: "Stage Similar to this Ran Daily from Warsaw to Peterborough via Douro (circa 1916), (Mrs. V. Moher)"

23. Winter Stage, Lakehurst to Buckhorn (2 copies)

24. Summer Stage, Lakehurst to Buckhorn

25. Steamer "Otonabee" [boat], Peterborough, Ontario

26. Peterborough, Queen St. area showing Eaton's, [1988]

27. Peterborough, Queen St. area showing Fontaine's Cycle and St. John's Anglican Church, 1988

28. Peterborough, area of Water St. and Hunter St. in foreground; Charlotte Street apartment buildings in background

29. Post Office, Bridgenorth [1977]

30. red truck with circular red canniest sign on roof; right hand drive truck for snow banks, Fraserville R.R.

31. Sidney Lewington, retired 1981 after serving 25 years 9 months; "RCEy o/s 4 yrs"

32. Bos., Roy Dunlop, Malery, 1980

33. Malery & Eldon Harrison, 1980

34. Frank Goselin & Haig Bothwell

35. Annie [Whibbs], Indian River

36. Burleigh Falls, The Trading Post

37. Burleigh Falls [photo of a large steamboat [Otonabee?] launched at a dock on a rocky point]

38. Burleigh Falls, Bob Brown Rock A Way Roadside Market

39. Burleigh Falls Post Office

40. Mrs. Annie McKee, Postmistress at [Lasswade], Jan. 16, 1925 - Sept. 16, 1946

41. as above

42. Hugh Irwin

43. Margaret Rachel & Geo. Allen Irwin (parents of Hugh Irwin), Rockcroft

44. Peterborough mail bag

45. Peterborough mail bag c1860, held by Marianne Mackenzie 1986

46. unidentified woman

47. unidentified large group of men in uniform posing for photograph in front of a building

48. unidentified woman

49. unidentified woman

50. Port Hope & Peterborough Railway, Great Western Railway of Canada

51. Photograph of drawing of ships passing under a bridge

52. Photograph of drawing of ships near a coastline

53. Photograph of a Port Hope & Peterborough Railway 1864 broadside

54. Photograph of a Grand Junction Railway, Peterborough to Belleville route, 1880 broadside

55. Photograph of a map showing Queen Street and St. John's Anglican Church area in Peterborough

56. "Salada Tea" window dressing in a store front

57. Two-storey building with car in front

58. Frazerville, store and post office in background, "waiting for train", c1912

59. Post office building, Peterborough 1880 - "Built in 1880 - Elaborate Victorian architecture…"

60. John Cork[ery], clerk 1890, postmaster 1919-

61. Lakefield post office

62. Photograph of "List of Letters remaining in the Peterborough Post Office Dec 3… S.J. Carver, Post Master"

63. Reid & mail carrier, international chain-driven

64. Reynolds, postmaster Clanricarde, 192[]-1948: home & post office

65. Amos Forbes, Glen Alda 1930-1949

66. Isabella Knowlan, Millbrook

67. First car to travel Burleigh Road, passenger & mail, Mt. Julian-Apsley

68. "Speed-wagon" [car] 1912

69. Rose Island post office, Harold Campbell 1928 (son of James Campbell, postmaster 1928-1945)

70. Cliff W[ ], postmaster Owenbrook 1941

71. Young's post office, Chandos 1926-1948

72. Sign welcoming visitors to Curve Lake First Nation

73. Hilliard Reid & "Democrat" [horse & buggy]

74. Hilliard Reid & "Democrat" c1900 at Apsley post office

75. Montgomery's; Clydesdale post office 1922-1944

76. Sarah Viola Campbell, postmaster Rose Island 1945-1950

77. Clydesdale post office, Caldwell house

78. Chandos post office 1880-1926, Kilburn house

79. Laura Johnson, daughter of Willis Johnson, postmaster Chandos 1920-1926

80. Clydesdale post office, Clayton Hilker's home

81. Glen Alda post office, Forbes house

82. J.J. Scotts, first courier on R.R. #1 Apsley 1950-1961

83. Mrs. Joan Hilker, courier R.R. #1 Apsley 1972-

84. Norman Wilson, mail carrier Peterborough-Apsley 1928-1940

85. Mrs. Ernest (Agnes) Walke, postmaster Owenbrook 1939-1941

86. Cliff Walke, house-store-post office of E. Walke

87. Fred Wheeler, postmaster Owenbrook 1910-1925

88. Ernest Walke

89. James W. Campbell, postmaster Rose Island 1928-1945

90. Robert Boyle / Robert Hooke plaque [1660s]

91. Fire truck / fire station painting on side of building

92. "1856" Rogers Building front facade (moved to Quaker Oats Co., Peterborough, property in 1987) (2 copies)

93. "Rogers Building 1856" plaque [as above] (2 copies)

94. Large group of uniformed men in front of "new city hall", 1953 ["HE White - Post Master"]

95. Large group of men "inside new Post Office in front of Transorma Sorting Machine", 1954

96. Japanese geisha tapestry (photograph)

97. Photograph of several postal executive members and of post office (negative attached)

Folder 4: Lang, Ontario post office: photographs (includes photo of a steer [Lang Pioneer Village]); research material; "Navigating A Nation A Scenic Set": layout with original stamps

Folder 5: Old Post Office, Peterborough, N.W. corner of Hunter & Water Streets: research material

Folder 6: General, County: postal history research material

Folder 7: Miscellaneous research material relating to post offices (includes photographs)

Folder 8: Miscellaneous research material relating to post offices (includes photographs & dinner menu for Ontario Postmasters' Association Banquet held in Peterborough, 1953)

Box 4

Folder 1: Postal history research material: pre-January 1830; Tupper (post office secretary, Peterborough, 1829), James Ferguson (Cobourg postmaster, 1834)

Folder 2: S.J. Carver (1802-1892), postmaster, Peterborough: research material

Folder 3: Ephraim Sanford (1782? - 1844), postmaster, Peterborough: research material

Folder 4: Henry Rogers, postmaster, Peterborough, 1871-1909: research material

Folder 5: Anstruther: Apsley, Hadlington: postal history research material (includes photographs)

Folder 6: Asphodel: Hastings, Norwood, Westwood, Birdsall's Station: postal history research material (includes photographs)

Folder 7: Belmont: Blairton, Chase Corners, Wariston, Cordova Mines, Havelock, Holcomb, Preveneau, Rockdale, Round Lake, Rush Point, Trent River: postal history research material

Folder 8: Bobcaygeon: postal history research material

Folder 9: Burleigh: Burleigh Falls, Haultain, Mt. Julian, Woodview, Juniper Island: postal history research material

Folder 10: Cavan: Bailieboro, Glamorgan, Ida, Millbrook, Millbrook Station, Morrow, Mount Pleasant, Kelmar: postal history research material

Folder 11: Cavendish: Catchacoma (Stratton), Fortescue, Mississauga Landing: postal history research material (includes photograph & slide)

Folder 12: Chandos: Chandos Lake, Clanricarde, Clydesdale, Glen Alda, Lasswade, Owenbrook, Rose Island: postal history research material

Folder 13: Dummer: Boschink, Centre Dummer, Clariva, Cottesloe, Crowe's Landing, Gilchrist Bay, Hall's Glen, McCracken's Landing, South Dummer, Stoney Lake, Warsaw: postal history research material

Folder 14: Douro: Guerin, Indian River, Nassau, South Douro, North Douro, Lakefield: postal history research material

Folder 15: Ennismore: postal history research material

Folder 16: Galway: Ewan, Galway, Galena, Kinmount, Mt. Irwin, Silver Lake, Union Creek: postal history research material

Folder 17: Harvey: Nogie's Creek, Lakehurst, Burleigh Falls: postal history research material (includes photographs)

Folder 18: Methuen: Jack Lake, Vansickle, Nephton, Coe Hill, Maple Grange, Oak Lake, MacDonald Bay: postal history research material

Folder 19: Monaghan (South & North): Bailieboro, Byersville, Brownton, Frazerville, Lorenz, Bensfort, South Monaghan, Springville, Morrow, Monaghan, Smith Bank: postal history research material

Folder 20: Norfolk Island: postal history research material

Folder 21: Otonabee [Otanabee]: Alandale Mills, Drummond Station, Graystock, Hiawatha, Jermyn, Keene, Lang, Mathers, Otonabee: postal history research material (includes photographs and negatives)

Box 5

Folder 1: Smith: Bridgenorth, Buckhorn, Curve Lake, Fowler's Corners, Hall's Bridge, Kawartha Park, N. Douro (Lakefield), Selwyn: postal history research material (includes manuscript, etc. for publication "History of the Post: Smith Township" by Robert Boley - see also Folder 5)

Folder 2: North 8 Townships: Cardiff, Dysart, Dudley, Glamorgan, Harcourt, Minden, Monmouth, Snowdon: postal history research material (includes a box of slides, photographs, negatives, & a copy of "Family History: Francis Laundry, 1811-1887")

Folder 3: Rural routes and sub post offices: research material, photographs, partial camera-ready manuscript

Folder 4: Sub post offices, satellite post offices, and rural routes: Byersville, Brownton, Crawford's Grove, Downer Corners, McMartinville: research material

Folder 5: "History of the Post: Smith Township" / by Robert E. Bowley, 1990 research material, manuscript (see also Folder 1) (includes photographs)

Folder 6: "History of the Post: Smith Township" (cont'd) manuscript, cover & preamble, & folders entitled Selwyn, Fowler's Corners, Young's Point, Curve Lake, Bridgenorth, Kawartha Park, Hall's Bridge (Buckhorn), North Douro (Lakefield) (includes numerous photographs)

Folder 7: "History of the Post: Peterborough" / by Robert E. Bowley manuscript

Folder 8: "History of the Post: Peterborough" (cont'd) camera-ready manuscript [unpublished]

Folder 9: "History of the Post: Peterborough" (cont'd) 1 manuscript & 1 paper (shorter versions than that in folder 7)

Folder 10: "History of the Post: Peterborough" (cont'd) bibliography

Folder 11: "History of the Post: Peterborough" (cont'd) history of the Morrow building (includes an envelope of cancelled stamps)

Box 6

Folder 1: Captain Charles Rubidge: paper re Rubidge by Robert E. Bowley, correspondence, research material

Folder 2: "Plaqued Historic Sites in Peterborough and Area" / by Robert Bowley, 1998 photographs, slides, negatives with accompanying lists

Folder 3: "Plaqued Historic Sites in Peterborough and Area" (cont'd) camera-ready manuscript (includes an original postcard "Fire Station, Peterborough, Ont., Canada", 1910)

Folder 4: "Historic Plaques in Peterborough & County (and their subjects) / by Robert Bowley, Peterborough Historical Society - paper

Folder 5: Papers, speeches, talks, slide shows by Robert Bowley; also newspaper articles re book launches, etc.

"Where was Brockland?" 1995

"Tutankhamen (King Nebkheprure) : 1369-1350 BC" 1979

"Wildlife on Postage Stamps" 1976

"South Pacific Philately - the Present Situation", K.P.S. meeting 1969

"Copying on a budget" in Prisme Pentax Prism, 1985

Slide talk to Smith Township Historical Society, 1997

"The Early General and Postal History of Peterborough Area" 1995

Slide talk on the Roches 1994

"Canadian Art to 1939"

"History of the Post: Harvey Township"

"Highlights of Ontarians and Ontario History: A Philatelic Study" 1997

"Postal History of North Monaghan"

Rebel Publishing: article which begins "These two Canadian postage stamps were issued on 17 June 1998… canals and locks"

"Direct Colour Prints from Polished and Thin Sections" (plus related correspondence, photographs, etc.)

several talks on Stamp Collecting

Box 7

Folder 1: "Sir Sandford Fleming and The Unfolding of Canada (1845-19150: a Philatelic Study" / by R..E. Bowley manuscript, typescript, and published copy (signed by R.E. Bowley)

Folder 2: "Sir Sandford Fleming…" (cont'd) research material, photographs, slides, negatives; includes a copy of "Sandford A. Fleming 1827-

Loose in box: Materials related to Sir Sandford Fleming - poster with Fleming brochures, etc. attached; 5 boxes of slides numbered 1-5; 1 audio cassette tape; 2 VHS tapes entitled "Sir Sandford Fleming and the Unfolding of Canada" 1 & 2

Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 40

Poster entitled "The Birth of Standard Time" (Sir Sandford Fleming)

Box 8

Folder 1: "The Family History of Cmdr. John Roche R.N. and His Descendants" / by Robert Bowley spiral bound copy

Folder 2: "Connections Between the Names Pengelley, Brock, Roche & Scriven in Monaghan Township" / by Robert Bowley camera-ready manuscript

Folders 3-6: "Connections Between… " (cont'd) research material, photographs, correspondence, negatives

Folder 7: "Connections Between… " (cont'd) research material including copies of early correspondence and documents with accompanying transcriptions

Folder 8: "Connections Between… " (cont'd) slides, photographs, negatives

Folder 9: "Connections Between… " (cont'd) 8 boxes of slides

Loose in Box: "Connections Between… " 2 rolls of outsized research materials (photocopies)

Folder 10: Correspondence primarily related to Robert Bowley's research on postal history, 1972-1998

Folder 11: Treaty between Six Nations and The Ojibways, 1840 (typescript)

Folder 12: Baptie family letters: 12 letters dated 1823-1878 [Note: "from Scotland, Grandfather's Old Letters 1823" written on outside of envelope; "Mr. R.W. Lough, Ida, Ontario" is written on envelope label]

1. from Alex Baptie to his son, Alex Baptie, teacher, Belford, 1823

2. from Jas. Richardson, West Hill, to his sister Hellen Richardson, Tedburgh, 1838

3. from J. Richardson, Chelsea, London, to his sister, c/o Mr. Babtie, Bouchester Bridge, 1840, re his sisters departure for America

4. from Wm. Sibbald, Scotland, to his friend, Alexander Baptie, blacksmith, Cavan, Port Hope, 1843, re high unemployment rate and difficult economic situation in Scotland

5. from Bouchester Bridge, 1844

6. from Alex Baptie, Falstone, to his daughter-in-law regarding the death her husband (his son), 1856

7. from James Richardson, Putney Hill, England to his sister Helen, 1857

8. from Alexr Baptie, Falstone, to his grandson, 1858 re a portrait of the grandchildren which had been sent

9. from Alexr Baptie, Falstone, to his grandson, Alexr Baptie, 1861

10. from Fanny Thompson, Cavan, to her friend, Mrs. Babty, 1863

11. from John W. Lowes, Cavan, to his friend, 1864 re news of putting in crops and the poor "shuger making" season

12. Helen A. Baptie, Ida, Ontario, 1878: prayers, etc.

(Note: this item lists two family deaths: "Died at Ida Ont. 27th April 1878 Alexander Baptie P.M. [postmaster] Ida aged 39 years"; "Mrs Helen Baptie died Feb. 23rd 1872 at Ida Ontario")

Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 40

Poster entitled "The Birth of Standard Time" (Sir Sandford Fleming)