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Accession Number: 01-017


Land Record Books - Durham County. -- 1843-1968. - 28 volumes


In 1792, the United Counties of Northumberland and Durham were officially created in a proclamation made by Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe. The proclamation divided Upper Canada in 19 Counties for representation purposes. The United Counties are bounded by Lake Ontario in the south, Hasting County in the east, Ontario County in the west and Peterborough and Victoria Counties in the north. The town line between Hope and Hamilton Townships divide the two counties. Durham County consists of the Townships of Cartwright, Manvers, Cavan, Darlington, Clarke and Hope. Northumberland County consists of South Monaghan, Hamilton, Haldimand, Alnwick, Percy, Cramahe, Seymour, Brighton and Murray Townships. (Taken from: "Illustrated Historical Atlas of Northumberland and Durham Counties, Ontario." Belleville: Mika Silk Screening Limited, 1972.)




Fonds consists of 28 volumes of land registry books: abstract indexes to deeds and instruments of deed, mortgage and acquital. Some account books relating to land in Durham County (East Riding). The Registry Office was located in Port Hope. One of the land books relates to Manvers Township.


This fonds was donated by the East Durham Registry Office, Port Hope, Ontario

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

A confusing and disparate group of Land Books, provenance unknown. Books relate to the East Riding of Newcastle District: Durham County (now Durham County) and include the townships of Manvers, Darlington, Hope, Clarke, Cartwright and Cavan and the Town of Port Hope. Books contain instruments (memorials) of all land transactions including mortgages).

Loose on Shelf:

1. Six account books for East Durham Riding, Durham County:

2. Two Register Books of Land Transaction Instruments for Township of Hope. Books contain a name index at the front. Book "A" contains instrument numbers 1-576 (1847-1852). It is continued by "Book 2" which contains instrument numbers 577-1507 (1852-1858).

3. One "Abstract Index" for the above. Properties in Township of Hope arranged by Lot and Concession with complete record of property transactions. Abstract book is is labelled "Abstract Index" Township of Hope, No. 1, Durham. It covers the East Riding of Durham County and was recopied in 1927. The dates covered are 1797-1968. The transactions accord with instruments found in the Register Books 1 and 2 for the Township of Hope (as described above).

4. One Register of Land Instruments for the Township of Manvers. Instruments 1-558, 1846-1855. There is an alphabetical name index in the front.

5. One Register of Land Instruments for the Town of Port Hope. Instruments 1-453, 1847-1852. Includes Plan of Port Hope, 1847 by Provincial Land Surveryor John Roche. There is an alphabetical name index in the front.

6. Fourteen Volumes of Land Register Instruments for
Townships in Durham County. These are labelled "B" to "P" but there is no "A" nor "J." These books are arranged in order of instrument number (name access to them is via 2 separate Index Books described below as item 7). Some of the volumes of instruments have indexes at the fron of them also.

Book B: This Book was recopied in 1867. The original "Book B" has been shelved with it. Book "B" contains instrument numbers 1-262 (1808-1817) but from page 401-510, it contains instrument numbers 787-876 (1825-1826) which are from the original Book "C."
Book C: This Book was also recopied in 1867 and the original Book "C" is shelved with it. It contains instrument numbers 263-786 (1817-1824). It is necessary to go back to Book B (pp. 401-510) to see instrument numbers 787-876. There is an index in the front of recopied "Book C."
The originals of Books "B" and "C" are in perfect order (ie instruments 1-262 and 263-876) but they are nearly illegible.
Book D: Contains instruments 877-1702 (1826-1832).
Book E: Contains instruments 1703-2305 (1832-1833).
Book F: Contains instruments 2306-3118 (1834-1836).
Book G: The pagination and list of instruments is confusing. It contains instruments 3119-3354 (1836-1837); 3549-3732 (1837) and instruments 4118-4602 (1838-1840). See Book H.
Book H: Contains instruments 3355-3548 and 3733-4117 (1837-1838).
Book I: Contains instruments 4603-5151 (1840-1841).
Book K: There is no Book J. This book contains instruments 5152-5735 (1841-1842).
Book L: Contains instruments 5736-6299 (1842-1844).
Book M: Contains instruments 6300-6756 (1844-1845).
Book N: Contains instruments 6757-7350 (1845-1846).
Book O: Contains instruments 7351-7876 (1846-1847).
Book P: Contains instruments 7877-7915 (1847-1848) and an incomplete recopied index to all books.

7. Two volumes of Name Indexes to the preceding 14 volumes of instruments. The alphabetical listings are eccentric and begin at both front and back of the books and are by both grantor and grantee. Index #1 is to the instrument volumes B to M. Index #2 is to instrument volumes M to P. References to Books B and C are to pages in the original volumes, not the recopied volumes.

8. One volume labelled "Day-Book C" contains very early land records. Instruments number from 1-155 (1798-1807) but are scattered. This is the only known book that records the very early land transactions. It appears to have been recopied at some point.

9. One anomalous volume. Note in pencil on the back states "Land upon which Installment has been paid during the year 1854."