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The Financial Aid office is located in the Registrar's Office in Blackburn Hall

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Friday: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

E-mail: financialaid@trentu.ca

Phone: 705-748-1524


Our office primarily administers Scholarships, Bursaries and OSAP for Domestic, Undergraduate students. Please select one of the following links for financial aid information pertaining to:

Financial Aid Status

To view any awarded OSAP, Scholarships, Awards and/or Bursaries visit:

  • myTrent > Finances > Financial Aid section > Financial Aid Status by Year

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Financial Aid News & Upcoming Deadlines



  • Our office will begin confirming enrolment 10 days before the start of term
  • Students will receive a notice from the ministry once OSAP has been confirmed
  • OSAP application must be complete before we can confirm enrolment
  • Undergraduate Students must register for courses in both the fall and winter terms (if applicable)
  • Graduate Students must register for courses in the fall, winter AND spring terms (if applicable)
  • Check status of OSAP application on OSAP website: www.ontario.ca/osap
    • Under the Things to Do heading, you should only see "School must confirm enrolment"


2017 Summer Deadlines

*May 7* - Deadline to apply for part-time OSAP for students studying in S61 ONLY

(first six week term of Summer)

2016-17 OSAP Application Deadlines

  • Full-time Fall/Winter OSAP: February 25, 2017
  • Part-time Winter OSAP: March 15, 2017
  • OSAP Appeals: March 17, 2017


OSAP Summer 2017

To determine if you will be a full or part time student during the upcoming summer session please review the following:

Summer Eligibility Information

Funding Examples Chart (Full Time Only)

To apply for Part-time OSAP, students must complete the application available now at: ontario.ca/osap

Full-time Undergraduate students will complete an OSAP Summer Extension form available on the Finances page of the myTrent portal beginning February 24, 2017.

Summer Application Deadlines

  • Summer Term 1 only (6 weeks): May 7 
  • Summer Term 2 only (6 weeks): June 19
  • Full summer term (12 weeks): June 19


2017-18 OSAP Information

Starting next year, OSAP is changing. You could be eligible for free tuition.

We encourage all students to apply for OSAP as the application includes consideration for non-repayable grants as well as loans. Even if you do not intend to borrow money, you can elect to access only the grant funding if you are deemed eligible. OSAP takes into account many factors so all students, regardless of financial circumstances, are encouraged to apply.

Visit the OSAP website for up to date information, to register and to complete your OSAP profile: ontario.ca/osap

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