Trent Work Study Program

The Trent Work Study Program offers partial funding of student employee positions to employers in the Trent University community. Each year our employer partners host hundreds of Trent Work Study Program funded positions, providing students with opportunities to develop skills, prepare for their careers, and earn additionall income to help with their educational costs.

Any on campus student employer can apply to receive funding. Past employers include academic and administrative departments, faculty, campus service providers, and student associations and levy groups.

Applications for the 2017-18 school year are now closed.

Through two successful rounds we received a record number of applicaitons and have funded over 400 student positions for the 2017-18 school year.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help guide employers.

TWSP Employer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trent Work Study Program?

The Trent Work Study Program provides partial funding for student employment opportunities. Funding for TWSP is set aside by Trent University in order to assist in meeting the financial needs of full-time domestic students. In distributing these funds we are obligated to ensure that funded positions are filled by domestic students with demonstrated financial need, encourage self-help and self-development and give students a way of enhancing their resumes in preparation for the transition to full-time employment.

Who is eligible to apply to receive funding?


Any on campus student employer can apply to receive funding for a student position. Past employers include academic and administrative departments, faculty, campus service providers, and student associations and levy groups.


How do I apply?


The application is located in myTrent under Support then under Financial Aid (myTrent->Support->Financial Aid). The application opens June 1 and closes on June 30.


Each student position requires a separate individual application.


How much funding can I receive?


Employers can receive up to 75% of gross wages, up to a total of $1600 per student employee/position for the Fall and Winter Session. Gross wages do not include the employee benefit portion of payroll. Employers must apply for funding using the online form in myTrent. See "How do I apply"


When will I find out if I am receiving TWSP funding?


Decisions are communicated by July 15 and are sent to the email address that was used during the application process.

What happens if I miss the application deadline?

If any funding remains after the initial round of applications, the application process will be re-opened to distribute the remaining funding. If all funds are allocated through the initial process then employers can apply again the following year.


Can funding from TWSP be carried over from year to year?


No. Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development regulations require that funds be spent in the time period for which they are allocated. For Fall/Winter session this is the first day of classes in the Fall term until the last day of classes in the Fall term and the first day of classes in the Winter term to the last day of classes in the Winter term.


If I received funding last year will I automatically receive it this year?


No. Funding through the Trent Work Study Program is not guaranteed year-to-year. Employers must apply each year and funding decisions are based on the number of applications and the availability of funds in a given year.


How is funding delivered to employers?


Funding is typically delivered to employers through a reimbursement to the internal operating account that was used to pay the student employee. Funding is reimbursed at the end of each term once reimbursement request has been submitted and the information has been confirmed.

Do I need to register my student employee?


Student employees do not need to be registered with the Trent Work Study Program.


Does TWSP pay my student employee or do I pay my student employee?


Employers are responsible for paying their student employees up front. TWSP works on a reimbursement basis.


At the end of each term employers submit a reimbursement request form to have their funding applied to the account that the eligible student employee was paid out of.

With the increase to minimum wage will TWSP allocations be increasing as well?


The TWSP allocations will not be increasing this year. Allocations will remain at 75% up to a maximum of $1600.

What documentation can I submit to show that I paid my student employee?


There are multiple types of documentation that can be used as prrof of payroll. The two most common are 1) the report produced by the Budget Inquiry Tool in myTrent 2) an employers own tracking sheet that they use to keep track of their student payroll.

For convenience, those looking for a template for tracking their own spending may use the one at the link below:

Budget Tracking Template

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