Welcome to Trent University

Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Arts and Science. The office is responsible for the undergraduate academic operations of the University, which include program and course offerings, faculty hiring and personnel matters, departmental support and academic aspects of student affairs.

Certain aspects of the academic mission are handled through our Associate Dean Offices. Many issues to do with course regulations, appeals, curriculum review, as well as instructional development are handled by the Office of the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies). Matters that are specific to our science offerings such as science facilities management, specialized computer facility networks and animal care facilities are handled through the Office of the Associate Dean (Science). Academic matters that pertain to Trent’s programming in Oshawa are handled through the Office of the Associate Dean (Trent University Oshawa).

All undergraduate departments and programs report to the Dean of Arts and Science, and links to these may be found here, as well as to the Chair’s Calendar, a summary of important dates and deadlines for departmental and personnel matters.

This site is a central source of information and support materials for undergraduate departmental chairs. Regulations and procedures that expand on contractually defined personnel matters are available here as well as commonly used forms for hiring and other administrative functions.