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2017 - THESES

Melissa Baldwin

'This is where the poetry comes out': Examining the Peterborough Poetry Slam as resistant space-making

*M. Chazan, S. Chivers


Caileigh Morrison

My Canadian Story: Multiculturalism and Meaning-Making in Local Archives

*J. Harrison, M. Eamon, D. Bhandar


Matt Tallon

The Relationship of Policy Aims and Implementation: Ontario Coordinated Care Planning for People with Mental Health and Addiction Issues

*P. Ballantyne, N. Changfoot




Julia Anderson

The Physics of Power: Development, neoliberalism and CSOs in Canadian Aid

*J. Harrison

Rebecca Lyon

The Importance of Indigenous Language Policy in Canada

*D. Newhouse

Gabriel Karenhoton Maracle

The War Chief and His Men: The Emergence of the Mohawk Warrior Society

*D. Newhouse

2016 - THESES

Kaitlyn Brillinger

Growth and Revitalization in Peterborough Ontario: Myth or Reality?

*H. Nicol, R. Picton


Evan Brockest

Dissent Denied: Public Order Policing and the Criminalization of Protest at the 2010 Toronto G20

*B. Palmer, J. Greene


Junyi Chen

Reconceptualizing Immigration in Canada: Toward a new Understanding of the Transnational through a focus on Chinese Canadians

*M. Rahman, G. Balfour, B. Stoyles


Sarah Jessup

Workplace Bullying in Ontario Healthcare Settings: Examining the Relationship Between Bullying, Gender, and Policy

*J. Sangster, D. Anastakis, M. Hobbs


Schoots-McAlpine, Martin

Class Struggle, The Communist Party, and the Popular Front in Canada, 1935-1939

*B. Palmer, J. Miron


2015 - THESES

Megan Kathleen Hull

Imagining a National Research Centre: Decolonization, Commemoration, and Institutional Space

*J. Harrison, J. Milloy, M. Eamon


Jesse Lever

Tłı̨chǫ, Co-management and the Bathurst Caribou Herd, 2009-2011

*J. Harrison, A. Legat


Kimberly Wilson

Rights, Resources, and Resistance: Pan-Indigenous Political Organizations in Northeastern Alberta, 1968-1984

*S. Bocking, J. Sangster



Lisa Beaucage

Northern Ontario's Ring of Fire: The Inconsistent Policies Surrounding Aboriginal Rights and the Canadian Government's Failure to Effectively Engage

*J. Milloy

Maya Gunnarsson

Representations of Tina Fontaine and Rinelle Harper in the Globe and Mail and the National Post

*M. Mumford

Jade Huguenin

Metis Community Development in Penetanguishene: A Study on Metis Epistemology and Cultural Understandings of Place

*J. Milloy

2014 - THESES

Robert Benjamin Fawcett

Exploring Indigenous Contributions to (Indigenization of) the City of Saskatoon's Strategic Plan 2012-2022

*J. Greene, R. Walker, D. Newhouse


Bryan William Ernest Jordan

Unexpected Journeys: Unmasking Home While Abroad

*J. Harrison, R. Wright


Robert C. Savelle

A Sustainable Development: The Case for Community-Based Research in the Durham Region

*T. Whillans, B. Hickie, P. Lapp


Kaitlyn Watson

Ontario's Aboriginal Education Strategy: Successses and Areas for Improvement

*J. Milloy, J. Harrison




Kris Millett

Project Traveller and the Criminalization of Somali Canadian Youth

*G. Balfour

Laura Emily Stanley

"You Won't Hear Our Songs On Your Radio": Canadian Indie Musicians in The Digital Age

*R. Wright

2013 - THESES

Meghan Buckham

Barriers and Facilitators to Indigenous Knowledge Incorporation in Policy Making: The Nunatsiavut Case

*C. Furgal, H. Nicol, R. Paehlke


Blair Cullen

Local Immigration Partnerships: A Case Study of Regional Governance of Durham Region, Ontario

*M. Skinner, R. Dart, J. Green


Agata Durkalec

Understanding the Role of Environment for Indigenous Health: A Case Study of Sea Ice as a Place of Health and Risk in the Inuit Community of Nain, Nunatsiavut

*C. Furgal, M. Skinner


Katharine Maye Gentle

Impacting Children: Post 9/11 Canada and the Case of Omar Khadr

*D. Bhandar, J. Greene


Neil Hannam

The Peterborough Young Women's Christian Association: Fundraising and Feminism, 1960-1983

*J. Struthers, G. Balfour, M. Hobbs



Lynda Langford

Climate Change Adaptation in the Greater Peterborough Area

*S. Hill


James David Lisowski

Media Narratives and Red Power: The Interrelationships Between Media, Mohawk Militancy and the Canadian State in the 2007 National Day of Action

*B. Palmer


Jesse Allan Munroe

Governing Exhibition City: Manifestations of Order at the Toronto Industrial Exhibition and the Canadian National Exhibition, 1900-1914

*K. Walden


Timothy J. Querengesser

The boundaries of unity: Implications of proposed reforms to the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act on the future boundaries of the Northwest Territories

*H. Nicol


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2012 - THESES

C. Andrew Cragg

Neoliberalising Immigration in Canada: The Pilot Project for Occupations Requiring Lower-Levels of Formal Training and the Expansion of Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program

*J. Greene, J. Sangster


T. Adrian Foster

Cultural Climate Change: A History of Aboriginal Arts Organizations in Toronto, 1970-2010

*D. Newhouse, D. McCaskill


Regina Hartwick

Am I Omàmìwininì Enough? Understanding the Implications of Colonial Discourse and Political Policy in the Kichi Sìbì.

*N. McLeod, M. Lacombe


Danielle Paige Jeancart

Imposed Identities: The Colonial Construction of Indigenous Masculinity

*N. McLeod, G. Johnston


Judith A. Mason

The Mill at Clarington: Curating Place in the Environmental Work of Four Artists

*J. Bordo, M. Lacombe



Rosalyn Yake

The Phantom Public: The CBC's Coverage of Aboriginal Band Elections

*K. Walden, D. McCaskill

Brittany Young

Youth Boot Camps: A Transformative Space for Aboriginal Youth

*J. Harrison, P. Sherman

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2011 - THESES

Carling C. Beninger

The Anglican Church of Canada: Indigenous Policies, 1946-2011

*J. Milloy, B. Hodgins


Jessica Ellison

Negotiating the Complexities of Place: Peggy's Cove, tourism and SwissAir 111

*J. Harrison, C. Dummitt


Elizabeth Evans

The Green Energy and Green Economy Act: Barriers and Opportunities for Renewable Energy Co-Operaties in Ontario

*S. Hill, J. Harrison, T. Hutchinson


Rachel V. Herron

Rural Experiences of Aging and Care

*M. Skinner, S. Chivers, J. Struthers


Tara Bernadette Michaud

Resisting the Liminal: Métis Narrative Traditions and Transitions

*N. McLeod, B. Macdougall


Judith Rebecca Mintz

Helpers and Demons: Binary Representations of Early 20th Century Midwives, Doctors and Childbirth in Ami McKay's The Birth House

*S. Chivers, J. Sangster, J. Struthers


Kelly Monique Pineault

Shifting the Balance: Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Activism in the Company of Young Canadians, 1966-1970

*J. Sangster, J. Milloy, B. Palmer


Caitlin B. Radmore

The New "White Man's Burden": Legal and Press Media Discourses on Ms. G., A Vilified Indigenous Mother

*J. Sangster, G. Balfour, C. Williams


Lynette Schick

Dominant Addiction Discourses: Making the 'Addicted' Woman

*G. Balfour, R. Coughlan


James Wilkes

Decolonizing Environmental ‘Management’: A Case Study of Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug

*C. Furgalo, P. Sherman, D. Longboat


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Grace Henry-Caron

"(In)Formal Education": Redefining, Reconceptualizing and Repositioning First Nations' Education in Ontario

*J. Milloy, P. Sherman


Diane Therrien

"This land is their land": Newcomer Perceptions of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

*L. Davis, D. Newhouse

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2010 - THESES

Natasha Beeds
A Cartography of Nêhiyawi-Mâmitonêyihcikan (Cree Consiousness / Thinking): Edward Ahenakew & The Âtayôhkêwina (Sacred Stories)

* D. Newhouse, P. Sherman, G. Johnston        


Georgia Grace Carley
"Reporting Diplomacy:  Eighteenth-Century London Newspapers and British Perception of the Indigenous Peoples of North America"

*K. Siena, Janet Miron, John Milloy                 


Laurie Davey-Quantick
Broadening the Perspective on Canadian Small Business and Community Relationships

*R. Dart, J. Bishop, H. Nicol                           

Katelyn Friendship
The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Health Risk Management in the Yukon

*C. Furgal, D. Longboat, D. Holdsworth         

Evan J. Habkirk
"Militarism, Sovereignty, and Nationalism:  Six Nations and the First World War"

*J. Milloy, B. Hodgins                                     

Colin James Charles Meyette Hoag
A Digital Analog? A Study of Canadian Climate Change Policy Networks

*S. Hill, R. Dart, R. Paehlke                              

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Julia Lane
Embodying Environments: Interdisciplinary & Cross-Cultural Possibilities for Environmental Education in Ontario

*D. Berrill, M. Mumford, D. Longboat, S. Hill  

Paul C.M. McCarney
Indigenous Jurisdiction in Ontario: Land and Resource Development in Ardoch Algonquin First Nation Territory

*S. Hill, L. Simpson, D. Longboat                     

Douglas James Nesbitt
The 'Radical Trip' of the Canadian Union of Students, 1963-69

*B. Palmer, K. Walden, R. Wright                    

Patrick Scott
"From 'Real Canada' to 'Not Even a Real Country':  Canadian Identities as Produced through Comedy"

*S. Chivers, M. Epp, K. Walden                       

Alexandra M. Thomson

mentalist Rlations in N'Daki Menan/Temagami 1986-1994"

*B. Hodgins, L. Davis                                        

Celine Mackenzie Vukson
Tlicho Oral History: Gowhae`hdo?o?` godii` of the Lost Hunter

*N. McLeod, P. Sherman, C. Furgal                 

Simon Wallace

Strange Days Indeed: The Confused Politics of Conflict in Upper Canada’s 1830’s

*B. Palmer, K. Walden                                      

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Melissa Dodson
Women's Representation: A Case Study Utilizing Karen Beckwith's Numbers and Newness Theory

*N. Changfoot, D. Bhandar


Debra Gentle

Why are We Waiting?  An Institutional ethnography of Adoption Policy in Ontario

*J. Struthers, M. Hobbs                                   

Zachary Parrott
The Land is Wild?: Identity, Music, and the Nationalistic Force in CBC Radio 3

*R. Wright, A. O'Connor                                 

Ainslee Rogers

The Healing Lodge:  Continuing the Colonization Process of Federally Sentenced Aboriginal Women through Neo-liberal Penal Reforms

* G. Balfour, P. Sherman                                 

Karen Watts
Aboriginal Perspectives on Native Identity

*D. Newhouse, M. Lacombe                             

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2009 - THESES

Aimee Agnes Blyth

A Rural Renaissance:  Working Towards a Sustainable Community-Based Food System in the Kawartha Bioregion of Ontario, Canada

*J. Wadland, P. Andree, Tom Hutchinson

Erin Clow
Stories of Microcredit:  A Case Study of the Saint John Community Loan Fund and Paro Centre for Women's Enterprise

*C. O'Manique, R. Dart, P. Shaffer

Maggie Embury
Rediscovering and Re-Imaging Indigenous Environmental Education Outdoors

*N. McLeod, P. Sherman, B. Hodgins

Amanda Louise Jendrick
Completely Normal Chaos:  The Kashechewan Crisis and the Public Normalization of Risk on Indigenous Reservations

*D. Holdsworth, S. Hill, C. Furgal

David Hugill
Mediated Complicity:  Sex Work, the State and Missing Women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

*G. Balfour, W. Matthews, J. Sangster

Kathryn McLeod
From Topography to Technology:  An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Downsview Park's Heritage

*S. Wurtele, T.H.B. Symons, S. Bocking

Michael Reid
Understanding Children's aid:  Meaning and Practice in Ontario Children's Aid Societies, 1893-1912

*J. Struthers, J. Milloy, M. Hobbs

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Lianne Irish
Closing the Border:  The CCF-NDP and Free Trade, 1932-1988

*D. Anastakis, J. Sangster

Christine Sy
Indigenous Women's Work in Canada and United States, 1624-1997:  A Transnational Historical Synthesis

*C. Williams, D. Newhouse

Nicole Williams
The Ontario Nurses' Association:  Using the Policy-Making Process

*N. Changfoot, M. Hobbs

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Tim Brubacher
Beyond Good Intentions:  Critical Race Theory and the Role of Non-Indigenous Allies

*D. Newhouse, L. Davis, T.H.B. Symons

Stacy Douglas
Settling Pasts and Settling Futures:  Negotiating Narratives of Nation at the 4th Line Theatre Production Company

*D. Bhandar, V. Hollinger, S. Chivers

Patricia Life
Decline and Progress:  The portrayal of age in fiction by Mordecai Richler and Robertson Davies

*S. Katz, M. Peterman, S. Chivers

Paula Madden
Indigenizing Africans - Disappearing Indians: Black/Mi'kmaq Relations in Nova Scotia

*J. Wadland, D. Bhandar, J. Struthers

Christine McLaughlin
The McLaughlin Legacy and the Struggle for Labour Organizations:  Community, Class, and Oshawa's UAW Local 222, 1944-49

*B. Palmer, J. Sangster, D. Anastakis

Jonathan Rose
Without Reservation:  The Chatham-Kent Community Network & Caldwell First Nation Land Dispute

*L. Davis, B. Hodgins, J. Milloy

Cori Simpson
''In the Eyes of the State':  Memories of Indian Agents, Agency and Resistance in Kahnawake

*J. Milloy, J. Struthers, J. Sangster

Natalie Waldbrook
Voices from the North:  Women's Experiences with Housing and Homelessness in the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario

*S. Wurtele, M. Hobbs, M. Skinner

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Jodi Aoki
Private to Public:  Frances Stewart, Ellen Dunlop, and the Production of Our Forest Home

*M. Peterman, B. Dodge, J. Sangster

Ryan Bowie
Development And Aboriginal Peoples: Case Study Of The Victor Diamond Project
*S. Bocking, J. Wadland, L. Davis

Emily Bruusgaard
Covert Threads:  The Subversive Language of Textile in Laura Goodman Salverson's The Viking Heart and Martha Ostenso's Wild Geese

*S. Bailey, S. Chivers, J. Wadland

James Ellison
Les Belles Soeurs
  by Michel Tremblay

*L. Conolly, V. Hollinger, S. Berard

Mathieu Feagan
Meanings of Nature and Urban Greenspace:  History, Policy and Grassroots Perspectives

*S. Bocking, J. Wadland, R. Dart

Catarina Kleven
External Identity Classification:  Its Effects on Saami Identity in Sweden, with a Comparison to First Nations People in Canada

*B. Hodgins, C. O'Manique, J. Milloy

Geoffrey Korfman
The Wilde West:  Homosexual Behaviour in the Court Records of Saskatchewan, 1895 to 1930

*J. Sangster, B. Dodge, B. Palmer

Armand La Barge
The Honourable Billa Flint -- The King of North Hastings:  A Biographical Study of the Life of Senator Billa Flint (1805-1894)

*J. Wadland, B. Hodgins, J. Milloy

Kevin Plummer
Hugh Whitney Morrison's Experiences as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, 1930-1933:  Performing Canadian Identities Abroad
*K. Walden, J. Harrison, Suzanne Bailey

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Zoe Aarden
"Sexing The Indian": Scholarship's Role In The Consolidation Of Colonial Structures Of Gender And Sexuality
*P. Kulchyski,  J. Harrison, E. Stavro

Riley J. Cartmill
Re-Writing the Self:  Beyond the Limits of Sex with Elizabeth Smart's By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept

*M. Lacombe, S. Bailey, S. Chivers

Paula R. Drew
The Reconstruction Of Sainte Marie: Social, Political, And Religious Influences On An Archaeological Interpretation
*B. Hodgins, S. Jamieson, R. Dart

Pia Grayman
 A Sense Of Danish Identity In New Denmark, New Brunswick
*M. Lacombe, J. Struthers, S. Wurtele

Laura Hall
 Decolonizing Development: Haudenosaunee Approaches To 'Appropriate Economy' 
* J. Milloy, L. Simpson, M. Smith

Stephen Horner
Asserting Indigenous Values Within Capitalism:  Economics, Institutions And The Importance Of Narrative
*D. Newhouse, S. Choudhry, R. Anderson (Univ.  Regina)

William Knight
"Our Sentimental Fisheries”: Angling and State Fisheries Administration in Ontario
*S. Bocking, T. Whillans, A. Brunger

Sally Mennill
Place, Identity, Limitations: Representations Of Ice In Contemporary Canadian Literature
*J. Wadland, M. Lacombe, B. Palmer

Svitlana Pcholkina
Construction And Disruption Of Cottage Idylls: Kushog Lake Case Study
*J. Harrison, S. Bocking, A. Law

Grace Poulin
Invisible Women:  WWII Aboriginal Servicewomen In Canada
*J. Sangster, M. Hobbs, L. Davis

Erin Stewart Eves
The Australian Controversy And The Canadian Compromise:  A Comparative Historiographical Analysis Of Aboriginal History Texts Written In 20th Century Australia And Canada
*J. Milloy, B. Hodgins, D. Standen

Susan Thompson
How The Nonprofit Sector Adopts Neoliberal Discourse To Attack Undesirable Social Policy:  The Case Of Welfare Reform
*M. Quaid, R. Dart, J. Struthers

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Caroline Archambault
Awareness To Action; WUSC, Young Canadians Engaging In International Development And The Fostering Of Global Citizenship
*D. Sheinin, E. Helleiner, D. Morrison

Janice Barry
Collaborative Decision-Making And Persistent Land Use Conflicts: The Kawartha Highlands Case Study
*S. Bocking, R. Dart, B. Hodgins

John Boyko
Into The Hurricane: The Campaign Against Socialism And The CCF In Canada, 1943-1949
*J. Sangster, J. Struthers, J. Driscoll

Selena Crosson
Pilgrim Sisters: Exploring Female Friendship In Upper Canada In The Life Of Frances Stewart (1794-1872)
*M. Peterman, M. Lacombe, M. Hobbs

Valerie Galley
Indigenization As Neoliberal Rule: The Case Of The Canadian Aboriginal Head Start Initiative
*S. Katz, J. Milloy, J. Wadland

Lynn Gehl
Towards An Indigenous Understanding Of Government-Imposed Essentialized Discourses Of Identity For Aboriginal People
*M. Dockstator, D. Bhandar, E. Manitowabi

Wendy Hicks-Casey
Grassroots Democracy:  The Implications Of NAFTA Chapter 11 For Ontario Municipal Policy
*E. Helleiner, J. Clapp, R. Paehlke

Katherine J. Johnston
Benefitting Whom? A Critical Analysis Of Canada's National Child Benefit Strategy
*J. Struthers, M. Hobbs, S. Wurtele

Michael Johnny
Policy Implications For Native Literacy In Ontario
*J. Milloy, D. McCaskill, Ms. P. George (Consultant)

Lynda Mannik
Transcultural Views Of Canadian Indian/Cowboy Performances At The Royal Easter Show In Sydney, 1939
*K. Walden, J. Harrison, J. Struthers

Tricia Longboat
More Than Words: Cayuga Immersion Programming In Six Nations
*M. Dockstator, P. Kulchyski, D. Berrill

Angela Piggott
Shaw Before The "Shaw": Bernard Shaw's Plays In Canada Pre-World War I
*L. Conolly, M. Peterman, V. Hollinger

David Tough
The Politicas Of Sara Jeannette Duncan's The Imperialist
*M. Peterman, J. Driscoll, J. Struthers

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Renee Bedard
An Anishinaabekwe Writes History: An Alternative Understanding Of Indigenous Intellectual And Historical Traditions
*L. Simpson, E. Manitowabi, M. Lacombe

Eleanor Charlton
Manitoulin Island, 1862: Anishnaabe Strategies Of Resistance And Survival
*J. Milloy, D. Standen, Bruce Hodgins

Sandra Ignagni
Processing Discontent: Women's Organizing And The Newfoundland Fishermen, Food And Allied Workers Union, 1971-1987
*M. Hobbs, J. Struthers, J. Sangster

Christopher Mather
Richard Birdsall And Pioneer Survey
*J. Wadland, A. Brunger, T. Whillans

Allison Maureen Sauer
This Is What Democracy Looks Like? A Critical Examination Of Exclusion And The Anti-Globalization Movement
*L. Simpson, J. Milloy, D. Bhandar

Heather Yanique Shpuniarsky
The Struggle Between The Nishnaabe And The Haudenosaunee In The Late Seventeenth Century
*D. Newhouse, D. McNab, D. Williams

Danielle Soucy
From Marshall To Mayhem: Mi'kmaq E'pijig/Women Of Esgenoopetitj/Burnt Church Resistance And Change For Tomorrow
*J. Milloy, L. Simpson, Gkisedtanamoogk

Erin Whitmore
Inhabiting Ecocriticism: Canadian Women Writers Write Environmentalism
*M. Lacombe, J. Wadland, M. Hobbs

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Gerald Cantello
The Roles Played By The Canadian General Electric Company's Atomic Power Department In Canada's Nuclear Power Program: Work, Organization And Success In APD, 1955-1995
*D. McCalla, D. Sheinin, G. Taylor

Amy Chamberlin
Contemporary Indigenous Literatures: Writing Oral Traditions
*S. Kane, K. Ladner, J. Wadland

Brendan Edwards
Paper Talk: Print Culture, Libraries And Aboriginal People In Canada Before 1960
*D. Standen, J. Milloy, P. McNally (McGill Univ.)

Nicholas Alexander Hamilton
An Ecoclinical Analysis Of Margaret Atwood's Surfacing
*M. Peterman, M. Lacomb, J. Wadland

Adene Kuchera
Building Community: Aboriginal Urban Housing In Canada
*J. Struthers, S. Wurtele, B. Kinoshameg

Catherine M. McCready
Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit: 'Living Policy' And The Development Of Responsible Governance In Nunavut
*D. Holdsworth, S. Wurtele, C. Eddy

Alfred Metallic
Mi'gmawei Mawiomi: Ta'n Teliassumsin Aq Assumsultigw Listugujeweigatic (Mi'gmaq Politics)
*E. Johnson (Univ Of Cape Breton), K. Ladner, J. Milloy

Falina Norred
Performing Place: Landscape As Site Of Disturbance
*J. Bordo, C. Eddy , M. Lacombe

Daniel Edward Shaule
The Disputed Boundaries Of The 1923 (Williams) Treaties
*D. Newhouse, M. Dockstator, D. McNab

Michelle Francesca Simone
Back To The Basics: Student Achievement And Schoolyard Naturalization
*J. Conley, D. Berrill, S. Wurtele

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Jennifer Blomqvist
Exploring The Interface Between Corrections And Culture: A Case Study Of Correctional Reform In The Northwest Territories
*D. McCaskill, L. Davis, M. Dockstator

David Laurence Dunne
The Bowhead Whale Hunt At Kekerten, Nunavut Territory (July 1998), As Related In The Three Styles Of Writing Arising From A Condition Of Inarticulacy
*J. Bordo, C. Eddy, J. Moss

Spencer J. Harrison
The Queer Project: The Distance Between History And Truth
*C. Eddy, S. Kane, K. Walden

Mary Jane McCallum
To Make Good Canadians: Girl Guiding In Indian Residential Schools
*J. Milloy, M. Blyth, J. Sangster

Dan Nelson
Faith Enough To Move Mountains: The Dorlands And The Quakers Of Upper Canada, 1784-1955
*T. Symons, A. Schrauwers (London School Of Economics), D. McCalla, J. Zavitz-Bond, Archivist

Daphne Taylor-Garcia
Life Forms And Cultural Grammars: A Wittgensteinian Investigation In Postcolonial Theory
*P. Kulchyski, P. Bandyopadhyay

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Jessa Chupik-Hall
"Good Families Do Not Just Happen": Indigenous People And Child Welfare Services In Canada And Australia 1950-1965
*J. Milloy, J. Struthers, T. Buti, Murdoch (Univ., Australia)

Thelma Davidson
Former Soviet Jews In Toronto: Post Collapse Of The Soviet Union
*A. Heitlinger, O. Andriewsky, A. Pickel

Helen Bajorek Macdonald
The Power Of Polonia: Post-WWII Polish Immigrants To Canada: Survivors Of Deportation & Exile In Soviet Labour Camps
* J. Struthers, C. Verduyn, S. Arat-Koc

Tullia Marcolongo
'Playing By The Rules': Environmental Justice And Land Use Planning In Ontario:The Lands For Life Case Study
*Robert Paehlke, S. Bocking, R. O'Sullivan

Ruth Ritchie
The Existence Of Child Labour In Peterborough County, 1871-1901
*J. Struthers, D. Sheinin, J. Milloy, J. Sangster

Aluki (Kotierk) Rojas
Iglumi Isumatait: A Reinterpretation Of The Position Of Inuit Women
*P. Kulchyski, C. Eddy, O. Eegeesiak

Peggy O'Reilly-Shaughnessy
Friction Within The Machine: Aboriginal Prisoners Behind The Wall
*P. Kulchyski, J. Milloy , J. Sangster

Chet Singh
The Politics Of Human Rights Organizational Change And Development: A Post-Secondary Case Study
*J. Struthers, D. Berrill, D. Dippo

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Kathryn Elizabeth Barber
Community, Neighbourhood, Culture And Power:  Meanings Of Diversity In Central West End, Toronto
*J. Struthers, S. Arat-Koc, S. Wurtele

Art Beaver
Dancing The Rice:  Aboriginal Self-Government Is The Community Reclaiming Traditional Cultural Values
"Mnoomini-Gaawin:  Nishinaabe Gimmaawin Na Dani-Daapinaawaa Nishinaabe Oodenoo"
*P. Kulchyski, J. Milloy, D. Newhouse

Laura Black
"This Isn't One To Be Told In The Third Person":  Social Activism In The Poetry and Prose Writing Of Bronwen Wallace
*C. Verduyn, M. Hobbs, G. Johnston

Neal Burnham
Environmental Assessment On The Canadian Frontier:  Resource Decision-Making At Great Whale, Quebec And Voisey's Bay, Labrador
*R. Paehlke, P. Adams, S. Bocking

Cailin Clarke
Trent University Nature Areas: Educational And Interpretive Uses
*J. Marsh, R. Jones, K. Mcpherson (Provincial Natural Heritage Educ. Coordinator)

Morgan K. Gay
Organized Labour And The Quebec State:  Neo-Corporatism, Nationalism And Trade Union Consensus:  1988-1998
*C. Huxley, D. Standen, J. Struthers

Kerry Lynn Lake
Evolving Landscapes And Landmarks:  Grain Elevators And Lighthouses At Risk
*S. Wurtele, J. Marsh, T. Symons

Steven Martyn
Integrated Land Use In The Southern Algonquin Bioregion:  The Madawaska Forest Garden Project
*J. Wadland, T. Whillans, H. Lickers

Rhonda Paulsen
Displaced Culture:  Re-Defining Tradition Within Two Pedagogical Paradigms
*D. McCaskill, D. Berrill, S. Katz

Andrea Williams
Sioux Lookout District First Nations Education:  Factors Influencing Secondary School Success
*D. McCaskill, A. Law, J. Cutfeet

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Allan Chamberlain
Aquaculture Training In Ontario:  An Assessment Through Video Interviews Of Students At Sir Sandford Fleming College, Lindsay And At The Rainy Lake Ojibway Education Authority, Manitou Rapids
*T. Whillans, J. Milloy, D. McCaskill

Paul John Scott Ellerman
An Examination Of The State Of Historical Re-Enactments In Canada
*T. Symons, J. Marsh, J. Jennings

David Paul King
The History Of The Federal Residential Schools For The Inuit Located In Chesterfield Inlet, Yellowknife, Inuvik And Churchill, 1955-1970
*J. Milloy, P. Kulchyski, A. Tagak, Sr.

Susan Margaret Knabe
Moral Pan(Dem)Ic: Deviance And Disease In Canadian Medical Discourses On Aids, 1981-1990
*R. Dellamora, K. Walden, B. Marshall, V. Hollinger

Sheldon Krasowski
"A Nuimay" (The Prayer People) And The Pagans Of Walpole Island First Nation: Resistance To The Anglican Church, 1845-1885
*D. Newhouse, J. Milloy, P. Kulchyski

Jeralyne Karen Manweiler
Seeing Is Believing? Historical Connections Between The Pictured Landscape And Tourism In The High Eastern Arctic
*J. Wadland, B. Hodgins, S. Grant

D'Arcy Rheault
Mino-Bimaadiziwin (The Way Of A Good Life)
*E. Manitowabi, B. Loucks, P. Bourgeois

Sheena Symington
The Environmental And Social History Of The O'Donnell Roast Yard And Townsite Near Sudbury, Ontario
*T. Hutchinson, R. Paehlke, S. Bocking

Bernadette Wabie
Aboriginal Women And Community Development: Consistency Across Time
*D. Newhouse, P. Kulchyski, E. Manitowabi

Beverley Winny
Canadian Fiction For Adolescents From 1970-1990: The Rise Of The Aboriginal Voice And The Decolonization Of The Curriculum Of Ontario
*J. Wadland, S. Kane

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Shanna Balazs
Aboriginal Involvement Within Selected Canadian Museums: Developing A Model For The Canadian Canoe Museum
*J. Harrison, P. Bourgeois, B. Hodgins

Libby Birch
Picking Up New Threads For Kathleen Mavourneen: The Irish Female Presence In Nineteenth-Century Ontario
*M. Lacombe, I. Mclachlan, M. Peterman

Anne Burbidge
What New Right? The 1995 Immigration Policy Of The Reform Party Of Canada
*J. Struthers, S. Arat-Koc, B. Hodgins

Tanya Coulter
When Words Are Returned:  Approaching Traditional And Contemporary Oral Narrative Integration In Whitehorse Primary Curriculum
*S. Kane, M. Simpkins, S. Williams

Heather Dunlop
The Role And Image Of Wilderness And The Aborigine In Selected Ontarian Shield Camps
*B. Hodgins, B. Dodge, J. Wadland

Kevin Fitzmaurice
To Reconcile Serious Difference: A Comparative Discourse Analysis On Aboriginal-State Relations Surrounding Land And Natural Resources: Co-Management Regimes In Ontario And The System Of Cooperation And Consultation In Sweden
*D. Newhouse, M. Blyth, B. Hodgins

Dominic Hardy
Drawn To Order: Henri Julien's Political Cartoons Of 1899 And His Career With Hugh Graham's Montreal Daily Star, 1888-1908
*J. Wadland, M. Lacombe, K. Walden

Elizabeth Hayes
The Italian Immigrant Woman In Post WWII Canada: Overt And Covert Stories
*C. Verduyn, S. Arat-Koc, M. Peterman

Jackie Hookimaw-Witt
Keenebonanoh Keemoshominook Kaeshe Peemishikhik Odaskiwakh - [We Stand On The Graves Of Our Ancestors] Native Interpretations Of Treaty #9 With Attawapiskat Elders
*P. Kulchyski, B. Hodgins, J. Milloy

Jeannette Menzies
Beyond The Postcard: Rethinking Heritage And Place In Yoho National Park, B.C.
*T. Symons, J. Harrison, J. Wadland

Julie Rouse
Who Is The Northern Woman? Feminism And Place In The Northern Woman Journal: 1974-1980
*M. Lacombe, M. Hobbs, B. Marshall

Doreen Small
Picturing Grand Manan: Nineteenth-Century Painting And The Representation Of Place
*J. Wadland, B. Hodgins, M. Lacombe

Robin Smith
"Hishuk Ish Ts'awalk - All Things Are One": Traditional Ecological Knowledge And Forest Practices In Ahousaht First Nation's Traditional Territory, Clayoquot Sound, B.C. 
*J. Wadland, S. Bocking, N. Turner

Janice Warfield
Environmental Impacts And Recreational Conflicts On Multiple-Use Trails: A Case Study Of The Ganaraska Forest, Ontario
*J. Marsh, J. Fisher , J. Wadland

Erin Windatt
Voluntary Pollution Prevention Initiatives And Their Application To Small And Medium Sized Enterprises
*R. Paehlke, S. Bocking, D. Torgerson

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Peter Andree
Strategies For Agricultural Sustainability Employed By Farmers In The Kawartha Bioregion Of Ontario, Canada
*R. Paehlke, T. Hutchinson, L. Slavin

Dawn Berry Merriam
The Evolution Of A District Health Council Into A Regional Planning Body: The Haliburton, Kawartha And Pineridge District Health Council
*J. Struthers, R. Bowles, J. Muldoon

Richard Hagg
The Recreational Use, And Management Of The Mountain And Keele Rivers, Sahtu Region, Northwest Territories
*J. Marsh, F. Helleiner, B. Hodgins

Allen Macpherson
Recreational Trails In Ontario: Historical Development And Policy Options
*J. Marsh, F. Helleiner, J. Wadland

Bina Mehta
From Nairobi To Knob Hill Farms - Our Dialogues In Exile: Stories Of East African Gujarati Women In Ontario
*J. Struthers, S. Arat-Koc, D. Berrill

Michele Proulx
The Uranium Mining Industry Of The Bancroft Area: An Environmental History And Heritage Assessment
*J. Wadland, T. Whillans, B. Hodgins

Alicia Schutt
The Bruce Trail, Ontario: Users And Their Economic Impact
*J. Marsh, H. Kitchen, J. Winters

Maureen Wideman
A Community Development Approach To Heritage Tourism In Small Towns: A Case Study Of Millbrook, Ontario
*J. Marsh, J. Wadland, L. Waldbrook

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Leanne Burney
Sustainable Development And Civil Disobedience: The Politics Of Environmental Discourse In Clayoquot Sound
*D. Torgerson, S. Bocking, R. Paehlke

Jennifer Gillard Della-Casa
The Author As Activist: Marian Engel And The Writers' Union Of Canada
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Kenneth Wayne Hil
Life Stories Of Other Aboriginals: Toronto
*J. Milloy, G. Conchelos, B. Hodgins

Susan Jane Hynds
"In A Circle Everybody Is Equal": Aboriginal Women And Self-Government In Canada, 1869-1995
*P. Kulchyski, E. Manitowabi, D. Sheinin

Peter Labor
The Alexander Mackenzie Voyageur Route: A Community Perspective On Waterways And The Development Of A Trans-Canada Heritage Route
*J. Jennings, B. Hodgins, J. Marsh

Gurpreet Kaur Sodhi
Ignored Are The Wives And Children: Voices From Band Councils And Native Organizations During The Special Joint Committee Of 1946-1948 And The Standing Committee On Bill C-31
*P. Kulchyski, J. Milloy, S. Williams

John Taylor
Non-Aboriginal Teachers Working In Aboriginal Communities: The Need For Training
*D. Newhouse, R. Bowles, C. King

James Michael Thoms
Illegal Conservation: Two Case Studies Of Conflict Between Indigenous And State Natural Resource Management Paradigms
*D. McCaskill, B. Hodgins, J. Marsh

Laura A. Zink
"A Good Future For Our Children": Struggling To Create A Bi-Cultural Society In The Yukon Territory 1960s To The Present
*B. Hodgins, J. Milloy, D. Morrison

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