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The Archaeology program at Trent is unique in that it provides students with basic training in the practical and theoretical aspects of archaeological research within Anthropology and within Classical (ancient Mediterranean) studies. It is also a truly interdisciplinary program, linking together courses, methods, and ideas from the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Sciences in order to study the human past through the material record.

Students take courses that include archaeological field methods and laboratory techniques, the archaeology of the different regions of the world, and comparative archaeological studies on topics such as state formation, warfare, and more. In addition to these sub-disciplines of the field, we are also committed to training archaeologists to be conscious of their legal and ethical roles as stewards and ambassadors of cultural heritage.

The Archaeology program offers two different degrees: an Honours B.Sc. in Archaeology or an Honours B.A. in Archaeology with a specialization in Anthropological or Classical Archaeology. More information about the degrees is available here.

This website includes basic information and advice. As always, though, students are governed by the calendar for the year in which they declare their major. The Archaeology Program is new for the 2011-2012 academic year, so the degree requirements will appear in the 2011-2012 Calendar Supplement.